What I’ve Been Up To

Hello! Sorry it has been such a long time since I last posted. I have the best excuse… I’ve been busy writing. (Nothing I can tell you about yet) but it feels good to get back into my writing groove. Reading- wise, I finished Jessie Burton’s The Miniaturist which completely captivated me. I couldn’t put it down, in a way that I haven’t experienced since I was a teenager. I seem to be getting into mysteries, thrillers, anything that will leave me on the edge of my seat. If anybody has any recommendations, please send them my way. I was also lucky to receive an ARC of Stephanie Burgis’s beautiful novella Moontangled. Oh, I fell in love with this sweet, adventurous and frustratingly miscommunicating couple. Caroline and Juliana have been through so much and Burgis made me want an entire series just for those two alone. She has a way of writing her characters with such warmth and heart I feel as if I have drunk the best cup of literary hot chocolate. I did have a reading target but, I just want to enjoy each book at my own pace and in between episodes of Grace and Frankie. I have resolved this year that I am just going to write what I love and see where it takes me. I used to be worried about rejection but it’s alright many of them have even helped me improve my writing. So, I’m just going to go with it, one project, a book and a handy supply of chocolate at a time. I have ideas, some may come to fruition and others might not, but I’ll enjoy trying. I want to have my work read one day, to have somebody enjoy a character I wrote. It might take me a while but one day I’ll get there. Here’s to dreams, to 2020 and here’s to you all. I promise I won’t leave it so long next time. Love Emma. XXX


20 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self

1. Your grandparents are still the coolest people you know.

2. Your family are still your greatest champions.

3. You will reach a point at age 16 when you are completely fed up of operations, which is fair, but you’ll still go through with it and it’ll be worth it to be where you’re at age 27.

4. Ask for help when you need it. (Seriously, it will save you so much time.)

5. Your love for salted popcorn will be misunderstood but you’ll love it anyway.

6. Your wheelchair driving skills are somewhat better, but you still crash into the bin at least once a week.

7. You’ll eventually pluck up the courage to apply to be your city’s first Youth Mayor, you will be nervous at first, but find your way and eventually be voted as Deputy Youth Mayor. It will be the greatest and most insightful thing you’ve ever done.

8. Three little cousins will come into your life when you are much older. They are the best.

9. In 2010, there’s going be a programme called Downton Abbey. You’ll fall in love with it and so will the rest of the world.

10. Once Upon a Time will create one of your favourite partnerships ever.

11. Dame Julie Andrews is still everything.

12. Dame Maggie Smith will make you laugh so much you’ll cry. (Queen of the One-liner).

13. You still can’t sing but you’ll have fun doing it anyway.

14. Maths is still your Kryptonite it doesn’t like you and you still don’t like it.

15. Ableism sucks. It sucks and you are going to spend the rest of your life tackling it and educating people in any way you can.

16. The cheesier the rom- com the better.

17. Animation is still your truest love.

18. Your scars are part of the furniture now.

19. Chocolate and cinnamon is a beautiful combination.

20. The world is topsy turvy more than every second Wednesday.

Getting Stuck? How I Defeat Writer’s Block

I sometimes get stuck. I feel like I want to write something but, for whatever reason it just doesn’t happen. They don’t happen a lot these block days but, when they do I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help conquer them.

Music helps a lot. When I can’t quite find the words, it’s nice to listen to someone else’s for a while. It’s usually a bit of a mixture, something motivating and upbeat or chilled and slow, it depends on how I feel but, it definitely works.

Reading a new story seems to help as well. Books have always been my most favoured escape. I always find it so easy to get lost in a good book or an article, anything that keeps me engaged, whether that’s a good old- fashioned adventure or a mystery or two. Podcasts are another go to for me and a bit of chocolate for an energy boost. At the moment, I am currently enjoying Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware and Life DownLow’ed with Dan Edge and Sam Renke.

Life’s been a bit sad lately and these hilarious podcasts definitely have helped bring a smile to my face and again, its great writing help. I wondered what helps you all? Is it books? Or chocolate? A great TV series I should be watching? Let me know in the comments. How do you defeat the block?



Emma’s Adventures in Llandudno.

“If we took a holiday… took some time to celebrate..”🎵 🎵🎵

Well, we took Madonna’s advice and have just come back from a break in lovely Llandudno.

We stayed in a wonderful accessible hotel, which was fully equipped with hoists, electric beds and a Changing Places toilet. The staff at the hotel were helpful and the service was brilliant. I fully recommend The Esplanade Hotel and would definitely go back again. (Disclaimer: I am not being paid to promote the hotel, I just really loved it!)

Now, back to the holiday… we took loads of walks on the pier and the pathway to The Great Orme. The Great Orme itself was inaccessible but, it was a gorgeously sunny day when we walked and it was nice to just sit for a while on a nearby bench and enjoy the sun.

We also made it our mission to find as many Alice in Wonderland statues as we could as they were hidden around Llandudno, we did really well, we got three or four.

Llandudno itself is very accessible and disabled- friendly there’s plenty of shops with ramps and no step entrances which meant having a browse in the shops was an absolute breeze! The promenade and pier were also easy to drive along. It did get busy with crowds at times but, I didn’t mind.

We just enjoyed having a chilled out break, doing things at our own pace, munching on donuts and trying a vegan sausage roll or two. And, of course, we took some time to watch The Women’s World Cup and cheer on our Lionesses! (The matches have been enthralling! Well done ladies! We’re proud of you!)

P.S. Megan Rapinoe and the USA team are an absolute force I know, I’m a Brit but I’ve loved watching the other teams just as much.

We found The Mad Hatter first.

As for our holiday, I loved it and we would definitely go back to Wales in the future.

For now, I’m enjoying being back home while wondering where our next adventure will be…



Dear Speechless,

Well, what can I say? You were quite possibly one of the most important, realistic and laugh-out loud funny family shows I have ever watched.

I loved the DiMeos and gorgeous force that was Maya (Minnie Driver) she fought for JJ like a lioness and woe betide anyone who crossed her or patronised her child. I’ll miss Jimmy (John Ross Bowie) as if he were my own friend. He was sweet, hilarious and often kept Maya and his children grounded especially, when tough and often emotional discussions had to be had. JJ (Micah Fowler) and Kenneth (Cedric Yarbrough) were an absolute dream team from the start. I love how Kenneth always supported JJ even if he did often find himself going along with a plan he was sure wasn’t going to end well, I genuinely teared up when he talked about not knowing what to do when JJ was away at college. Kenneth became a member of the family and I don’t think they would have it any other way. Dylan (Kyla Kenedy) and Ray (Mason Cook) were absolutely hilarious, often clashing as all siblings do, but always united in their love for JJ, their parents each other. They each had their own struggles, first crushes, bullying, catfishing and just generally dealing with whatever situation came their way.

I’ll miss the show that was unafraid to call out stereotypes, inspiration porn and tokenism being just some of the big subjects that they did not shy away from. I’ll miss the show that balanced humour so well with the real life fears that disabled people and their families experience day in and day out. Attitudes, barriers, the big and often daunting: “What’s next?” I want to say thank you to every cast and crew member for giving us such a gem of a show. I could relate to a lot of the things that JJ experienced and it was great to see such wonderful representation. I have been vocal in my hopes for another series but right now, I just want to say thank you. Thank you Speechless.

You were extraordinary.


Accessibility is a Right but Always Feels Like a Fight.

I hear the stories every day, suitcases blocking the disabled toilet, no assistance at train platforms, a venue that’s classed as “accessible” that (shock horror!) is far from it. Disabled People have to deal with these scenarios over and over and we shouldn’t have to. It should be standard practice that we are consulted when buildings are being designed, it shouldn’t take someone to have the literal day from hell for someone to finally reach out over Twitter DM.

We have legislation but it is rarely enforced and so, we have to be the ones to constantly say: “I need this.” “Put this in place.” “Do you realise I can’t use the loo?” It is exhausting. Changing Places toilets have been a godsend and the announcement that there will be more funding to create more Changing Places across the UK is a huge step in the right direction.

Accessibility and Equality needs to be ingrained in every decision as the norm. It should be the first thing that’s considered, not the last, or as an after-thought. I know I won’t wake up tomorrow to find a perfectly accessible world but, I at least hope our voices will be listened to and changes will be implemented at the first time of asking rather than the millionth. Is it too much to ask? Will a day out ever just be straight-forward with no massive hiccups? I don’t know. But I know it should be. Accessibility is a right but for now, it always seems to be a fight.

A fight to be heard, to have our perspectives even considered. A never-ending fight. Maybe one day…

We’ll win.

Book Corner: Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Have you ever read a book that was so powerful it has stayed with you months or even years after reading it? I have my favourites, Sense and Sensibility, Ingo, Black Beauty to name a few… Recently, Akemi Dawn Bowman’s Summer Bird Blue was added to that list.

Summer Bird Blue is a YA novel about two sisters, Rumi and Leah who dream of becoming musicians until an accident changes everything. Akemi Dawn Bowman writes a beautifully and emotionally delicate tale of grief, sisterhood, family and finding the music again after loss. It stayed with me because the author has a way of weaving these intense, hard-hitting and complex emotions together with gorgeously real characters and great moments of love and laughter. Rumi is the central character whose grief and rage at the loss in her family nearly consumes her. She ponders and questions herself and how she feels about life, how she feels about relationships and most of all how she feels about music after everything that she’s gone through.

It is a beautiful story and you’ll definitely want to stay for her fantastic relationship with Mr Watanabe and his pug as well as the lovable surfer Kai who have each faced their own struggles. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a beautifully well-written emotionally moving story that stays with you long after you have finished it.

Five Stars. *****




My name is Emma and this is my very first post.

I am a twenty-something wheelchair-user who loves books, films, theatre and chocolate! Emma’s Corner is my own space where I want to chat about the things I love and my adventures on wheels.

I have Cerebral Palsy and I am passionate about accessibility so I will be blogging about our experiences but also, looking for recommendations for new accessible places and initiatives that you think I should check out and feature on here.

This is all new for me, but I hope you’ll enjoy my little corner of the blogging world.